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Our club shed built in 2002.
Sleds all lined up on a trail riding break.

Memberships are $20.00 for a family and $20.00 for a single person 18 years or older. 20 hours volunteered for the club earns free memberships. Membership to AWSC, which allows members to purchase Wisconsin trail passes at the resident rate of $10 per trail pass, is an additional $12.00. 
Athough there is a lot of work involved in being a club member, there is also time for fun. The club has a winter bonfire and chili feed, and there is also a club snowmobiling trip up north. To be eligible for the trip members must have worked enough hours during the year. Members must have worked 20 hours for the club to pay for Friday and Saturday night and 25 hours to include Thursday night. Members may obtain these hours by working at the Iola Car Show or any club event, working on trails, using personal equipment for trail work, or attending meetings.
If you would like to go on the trip, but do not have enough hours donated, you are welcome to attend, but must pay for your own  motel room.  If there is any change in this policy, you will be given notice in advance.
We as a club would like to remind you that if you ride a snowmobile you should support a club by being a member. The enjoyment of having good, safe trails to ride is due to the hard work that is done by snowmobile club members.  
We wish to welcome you to the Iola Norsemen Snowmobile Club and hope to see youlat future events and meetings. You will receive a newsletter each month informing you of upcoming events and activities that will be taking place. Our meetings are held on the third Sunday of most months at 6:00 p.m. At the club shed at the end of Johanson Road, south of Iola off Highway 49. 

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